This full-mission simulator course provides the trainee with knowledge and proficiency in practical use of procedures for watch keeping according to STCW’95 and the collision regulations (COLREGs). The course is delivered to cadets who have acquired an initial knowledge of relevant STCW’95 watch keeping sections, COLREGs and instruments that the trainees are going to use in the simulator.

During the course, each trainee will be in command for at least 6 hours and act as assisting officer for at least 6 hours. The trainees will be given the opportunity to con different types of ships in different waters. After a familiarisation exercise, the cadets will have the con unassisted.

The instructors will be on call acting as captain. The complexity of the exercises gradually increases and includes open water passage, restricted narrow waters passage, SAR and man over board elements. The course alternates between simulator exercises, passage planning and debriefings.

References STCW’95: Table A-II/1, A-II/3 and section A-VIII/2.

Function Standards regarding watch keeping, section A-VIII/2.

Course duration 5 days.

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