Understanding ship stability is an important safety factor, and even the most experienced officers need to be tested and updated on ship stability issues.

Our stability course is directed towards senior officers from all types of vessels and can be conducted as a customised seminar where officers from the same company are trained in using a ship from that company, or as an individual seminar made up of officers from different companies where a generic ship is used.

The course consists of both theoretical modules and practical exercises, including utilisation of custom-made ship models and simulator training focused on emergency response with respect to stability issues.

Through the course, the participants develop a better understanding of ship stability. Furthermore, the course improves safety and builds confidence in the use of on-board manuals and systems whilst at the same time training stability skills.

The theoretical modules cover intact stability, damage stability and ship specific stability where the principles of the first two modules are applied to a specific ship familiar to the participants.

The practical modules are performed on our state-of-the-art stability trainer. They include intact stability, damage stability, and various desktop scenarios. Stability handling is performed in one of the simulators using different emergency scenarios.

All sessions include a mixture of practical examples and various presentations to illustrate the subject.

References STCW’95: Chapter V, regulation V/2 paragraph 7, section A-V/2.

Function The course is mandatory for the training and qualifications of masters, officers, ratings and other personnel on ro-ro passenger ships.

Course duration 4 days.

FORCE Technology Singapore can be contacted at info@smartforce.sg