Ship handling courses focus on manoeuvrability and operational limits of existing or new ships. In the simulator, environmental factors such as wind and current can be changed and slowly increased until the operational limits for harbour manoeuvres are reached.The advantage of this course is its  very high degree of realism during the simulations. This is ensured by integrating real instruments, back-up systems and handles including joysticks as well as using the latest graphical computer techniques for the visual system. The course programme includes exercises that would be very expensive to demonstrate in real life. In contrast to on-the-job training, simulator training can ensure that a given uniform high level of competencies is achieved as it can be guaranteed that the students have been through the same predefined curriculum.

There are no limits to the types of vessels that can be simulated. At present, the database of available ships includes a large range of models e.g. ferries, cruise ships, container ships, tankers, supply vessels, coasters, navy ships, bulk carriers, tugs and barges. New ships are continuously being produced and added to the database. Customer specific ships can be added at short notice.

During the simulation ship/ship interaction, squat and bank effects can be experienced for individual types of vessels. The course consists of theoretical lectures, simulator exercises and debriefings. The course contributes to an increase of safety and efficiency at sea. A well-trained, professional and motivated crew that is continuously updated on manoeuvre theory, handling of specific ships under normal and extreme conditions will in the long run reduce the incident and accident rate and enhance efficiency.

References – operational References – management
STCW’95: STCW’95:
Table A-II/1.8 and Table A-II/3.5. Table A-II/2.9.
Function Function
Navigation at the operational level Navigation at the management level
Manoeuvring the ship. Manoeuvring and handle the ship in all conditions.
Course duration
3-5 days


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