FORCE Technology Singapore offers market leading training and port investigations in our full mission facilities. The set-up includes advanced replay and debriefing facilities.

The simulation facilities include:

  •  240° full-mission simulator
  • 360° full mission tug simulator
  • 120° part task simulator for ship and tug simulation
  • Tug/ship cubicle
  • Own ship cubicle

The advanced tug simulation simulators are capable of simulating a vast range of tug types realistically including ASD, Voith and Rotor tug types.

We use our own ship model software called DEN-Mark1, which represents the 5th generation of hydrodynamic models developed by FORCE Technology.

Simulators and equipment

With more than 600 vessel models in our databases combined with flexible software and hardware we can simulate any type of vessel in any environment and integrate different types of manoeuvring controls, communication systems and instrumentation.

Coupling of simulators

We offer the possibility of coupling several simulators, thereby including for example pilots, captains and tug masters into the same simulation. This drastically increases the amount of feedback and knowledge gained during training and when performing engineering studies.

The composition of simulators has been designed to provide a significant level of flexibility. The combination of simulators can serve various training objectives. Individual training of various ship and tug types can be combined with e.g. training of a vessel conned by a pilot or captain that is supported by three interactive manned tugs. Training of advanced escort operations where two specific tugs can be coupled to two specific ships is also possible.

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