As ship sizes increase, ports all over the world face new challenges. The new and larger ships require larger berthing facilities as well as improved training of Pilots, Captains and Navigators in different and adverse weather conditions.

Changing a berthing facility or constructing a port is a decision with a wide-ranging impact on economy as well as on the surrounding environment. With today’s technology and our competencies within mathematical modelling, we are able to make very precise and realistic simulations of how a given change will affect vessels and facilities in practice. By using simulation you get certainty concerning the sustainability of your decisions. At the same time you save resources by gaining knowledge on how to do the port modelling right the first time.

New partnership with 50 years of experience

The engineering services offered by SMARTFORCE is based on the experience accumulated within FORCE Technology through more than 50 years of comprehensive manoeuvring and simulation studies.

The studies are conducted in order to ensure safe and efficient navigation of different types of vessels in existing or planned port facilities.

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Cooperation between FORCE Technology and DHI Singapore

DHI and FORCE have cooperated for decades – amongst other in the area of port engineering. Read more about the cooperation here.

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