The fast-time simulations might be followed by a short desktop study; QuickSim, carried out either at FORCE Technology or at the client’s premises, using portable equipment. The simulations are real-time simulations with a human navigator to manoeuvre the ship, e.g. with the assistance of tugs to the berth.

These low-cost real-time simulations are validated through full-mission simulations with participation of representatives from local pilots, port authorities and operators.

Accuracy – a key to perfection
FORCE Technology´s DEN-Mark1 model is among the most accurate mathematical ship models on the market, and the backbone of FORCE Technology’s services within maritime engineering.

The DEN-Mark1 was developed in the period 1991 to 1993, and represents the 5th generation of hydrodynamic models developed by our institute. The model has been validated in numerous cases against model tests and full-scale measurements. With access to extensive experimental facilities, including towing tanks, wind tunnels and professional mariners, the hydrodynamic models are continuously updated and refined.

DEN-Mark1 models are used in more than 50 simulator centres around the world.

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