Understanding how human factors affect the individual crew member contributes to an efficient operational environment as well as increasing the safety at sea.

Crew resource management is a part ly classroom, partly simulator-based course addressing the important correlation on-board the ship with focus on developing the interpersonal skills of the crew through extensive simulator based exercises.

The simulator part of the course highlights the need to use modern management techniques if a critical and complex situation on a ship’s bridge is to be managed in an optimal way. Our experienced and certified simulator instructors will make sure that the techniques learned at the classroom-based part are trained in the simulator and thereby transferred to the participants.

Furthermore, our extensive experience within maritime training enables us to tailor-make the course in order to use your ships, ports and procedures as this will provide you with the most relevant and efficient output.

Among the topics being addressed at this course are

  • Communication
  • Operational leadership
  • Stress (physical and emotional)
  • Fatigue
  • Cooperation
  • Decision-making
  • Crew synergy
  • Efficiency and safety
  • Handling human errors

Case studies are important parts of the course. The cases used during the course can either be drawn from FORCE Technology’s database, originate from the company’s own near miss or accident files or could be participants’ own experiences.

The course is suited for full crews, deck and engine officers. Shore-based line managers directly involved in the operation are encouraged to participate as well.

References STCW’95: Table A-II/2.5 STCW’95 section B, ‘bridge resource management’.


  • Navigation at management level
  • Establish watch keeping arrangements and procedures
  • Effective bridge teamwork procedures.

Course duration 3-5 days.

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