The course aims at increasing knowledge and skills of how to properly conduct an effective human factor based investigation of accidents, incidents or near-misses.

According to official statistics from US Coast Guard, USCG1985A, approximately 80% of accidents and incidents in marine environments are due to human errors or human factors. The human being as the cause of the accident or incident is the rule – not the exception.

Usually investigations stop at the conclusion of human error whilst investigation of human factors aspects aims at going beyond human error analysing the different facets of the situation and trying to understand the mechanisms and the context which led to the inadequate performance.

The main purpose of investigating an accident or incident should be to prevent a similar event from occurring again and to identify underlying human and technical aspects in order to understand why it happened.

The course highlights the proper investigative procedures with focus on human factors and conveys an understanding of the basic skills needed by the investigator.

Main topics

  • Understanding of human factors and the influence on maritime accidents
  • Proper and effective human factors-based investigation
  • Exploration of the causal chain of events in relation to an accident, with special consideration to all human factors aspects
  • Ensure corrective action to prevent similar occurrences in the future
  • Proper documentation of all areas of an investigation
  • Follow-up on corrective measures

Course duration 4-5 days

Local courses The course can be held at the client’s premises.

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